A downloadable game

Collaborators: Naomi Rutledge, Santiago Meyer, Steven Dale

Experimenting with a shape-shifting game, where you shift into different forms by teleporting into objects in different scenes. This is an early prototype of the game mechanics, using plants as the "secret" item in each scene. Highlight over the plant and use the Cardboard Trigger to jump between scenes.

Each scene shot in 360° video with the 360fly camera, and works on the Google Cardboard.

Wear headphones to hear spatial audio/music.





3 scenes working, with reticle on hovering of plants. Builds to Google Cardboard. Created in Unity 5.3.4f1, Personal edition.

Each scene's video loops. Depends on Easy Movie Texture plugin.


v3.zip : adds sound design using Spatial Audio SDK + splash screen on load

Kids playing in yard sample via Freesound.org, user AGFX:




FreshPerspective-v1.zip 529 MB
FreshPerspective-v3.zip 547 MB